Lodging House Review

The Department of Health sought to gain a better understanding of the potential impacts on and opinions of industry, local government, other government agencies and members of the public associated with the management of public health risks in lodging houses.

Inquiry into homelessness in Australia

The interim report presents the evidence received from the 196 submissions and a number of supplementary submissions, on COVID-19 and homelessness in Australia.

Inquiry into Homelessness

The House Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs has held two public hearings for its inquiry into homelessness in Australia.

Inquiry Suspension

In response to the COVID-19 situation, the Committee has decided to suspend the Inquiry into Homelessness in Australia.

Boarders and Lodgers

There are currently two separate reviews underway on boarding and lodging. In response to both reviews, Shelter WA held a boarders and lodgers workshop.

Short-Stay Accommodation

Shelter WA is pleased to see that the State Government has responded positively to the recommendations of the inquiry into short-stay accommodation.

Local Government Act

The objective is for local governments to be empowered to better deliver for the community through being agile, smart and inclusive.

Short-Stay Accommodation Inquiry

Shelter WA appeared at the Legislative Assembly’s Economics and Industry Standing Committee’s Inquiry into Short-Stay Accommodation to outline its submission to Members of the Committee conducting an inquiry.

Short-Stay Accommodation – Win for the Sector

Shelter WA is pleased to see that the majority of our recommendations in our two submissions, as well as our public hearing evidence have been incorporated into the Committee’s final report.