Inquiry into Homelessness

The Committee heard from witnesses about the challenges in supporting the homeless

The House Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs has held two public hearings for its inquiry into homelessness in Australia.

On Tuesday 7 July and Wednesday 8 July, the Committee heard from government agencies, research institutes, and other organisations about the extent of homelessness in the Australian community and the programs and services in place to support those experiencing homelessness and those at risk.

National Shelter

National Shelter addressed the hearing on 8 July and were represented by John Engeler, CEO (NSW) and Adrian Pisarski, Executive Officer (National Shelter). 

Shelter WA Joint Submission

Shelter WA, in partnership with the WA Alliance to End Homelessness, provided a submission. In it, we provided input on the specific issues and needs of the WA with a particular focus on the impact of COVID-19 and the voices of people with lived experience of homelessness. We outlined a number of priorities for the Federal Government could undertake to end homelessness. You can read our submission here.

We also acknowledge the other WA organisations who provided their own submissions to the Inquiry, which can be read on the Inquiry website. Collectively, these submissions provide valuable insight for the Committee into the challenges facing people experiencing homelessness, and the services that provide supporting.