Submission to Infrastructure Australia

Shelter WA has completed a submission to Infrastructure Australia on their 2022 Regional Strengths and Infrastructure Gaps report, saying it is essential that affordable housing in regional WA is viewed as critical infrastructure and given the resources to be addressed.

In the report availability, diversity and affordability of housing was identified as an infrastructure gap in five of the eight Regional Development Australia regions in Western Australia.

A Priority

A growing body of evidence has shown ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches to housing policy have not worked in the regional Australian context and place-based, long-term and coordinated planning for housing needs to be undertaken in regional areas as a priority.

Housing is a social determinant of health and also boosts economic productivity through economic participation and mobility. For these reasons, the availability, diversity and affordability of housing should be viewed as vital infrastructure and a nationally significant priority.


You can read the submission here.

The submission was part of Shelter WA’s regional engagement project, funded through Lotterywest.