WAConnect Data Exchange

Shelter WA is working in partnership with the Peaks Forum to ensure that information about our services is linked, coordinated and up-to-date.

Finding Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated just how important it is to know what services are available during an emergency, and to be able to provide this advice to people in immediate need. Our work together is focussed on ensuring an updated picture of what is happening across WA community services, and ensuring that various peak community services directories can create a web of up-to-date service information.

Data Exchange Survey 

The Data Exchange Survey aims to collect information across sectors that supports us to understand the impact of COVID-19 on services across WA, whilst also ensuring that we have, as a sector, detailed data about service demand. We have worked hard to try and coordinate this request for information with other requests that have been occurring across the sector, and as much as possible we have reduced duplication.

This survey is intended for those services that are already registered with a sector service directory. You can access it here.

If your service is not currently registered on a service directory, we encourage you to register for WAConnect, and complete the survey via that platform. To access further explanation and more detailed instructions for registering on WAConnect and completing the survey, please click here.

We appreciate your time and support.


For questions about the survey, please contact Kylie Hansen here.