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Communities’ Partnership Framework

The intent of the Community Partnerships Roundtable is to bring together Communities and the community services sector to identify and implement better ways of working together for the benefit of the Western Australian community.

Escalation Assistance

Shelter WA sees this as a positive collaboration to increase vaccination rates within this population. The strategy builds on the good work undertaken by the sector and government to accelerate vaccinations rates.

Industry update: COVID-19 update: public health measures to ease

The change to isolation requirements will enable people who have tested positive to COVID-19 and close contacts to return to work sooner, while continuing to protect at-risk people in our community.

#HW2022 | COVID and Homelessness

A key challenge is going to be to maintain and build on these improvements in the post-pandemic world.

The wealth inequality pandemic: COVID and wealth inequality

We trust this report will assist decision-makers to design policy responses to build back fairer in a manner that eases wealth inequality and improves housing affordability for those on the lowest incomes.

Industry update: Reducing the risk of COVID-19 impacts on your organisation

Face masks are strongly encouraged indoors, especially in crowded indoor spaces.

Department of Communities’ Winter Reminder to request RATs and PPE/C

Don’t forget that you may be eligible for free stock.

Infection Control Project

It has scope to provide advice and guidance by making on-site visits (metro area only) or via state-wide digital and online support that considers the context of your service.

Industry update: COVID-19 reinfection period changed from 12 weeks to four weeks

The interval recommended between a recent COVID-19 infection or last booster dose is now three months.

ICP Steering Committee EOI

Members of the Steering Committee are invited to contribute in many ways.

Community Sector Partnership Team – Updates

Dr Andy Robertson took questions on how these changes might affect organisations and service provision in the sector.

Industry update: More free RATs to be handed out across the state

Please also encourage family, friends and colleagues to stock up on RATs at these pop-ups, especially now during cooler months with winter viruses circulating.

Infection Control Program Lotterywest presentation

To make sure the program remains relevant to sector needs representatives including regional representation have formed a reference group.

FAQs for ordering RATs and PPE/C as flu season approaches

If you are eligible, we encourage you to consider using the online form to request both RATs and PPE/C for your staff to use as we enter the cold and flu season.

Industry update: More public health measures will be phased out in WA

Restrictions on travel to remote Aboriginal communities will ease however some communities may choose to still apply their own restrictions.

Industry update: We’re on a roll, WA

The campaign will run through to August across TV, radio, press, out of home, digital channels, and community activations.