Housing Industry Forecasting Group dwelling commencements

After six quarters of consecutive growth, the volume of established house sales for the March 2022 quarter dipped to 9,356, in the June 2022 quarter house sales fell further to 9,222.

Ageing in Place: Home and Housing for Australia’s Older Renters

Social housing is the most powerful way to keep older people in secure homes, and stop them from going into aged care before they’re ready.

Role of housing in solving critical skill shortages across the regions

The role of housing in solving critical skill shortages across the regions.

Community Housing Opportunities

There are seven recommendations in the report, ranging from government policy changes to unlock the value of community housing to project structures and delivery methods.

Urban Indigenous homelessness: much more than housing

According to the research, two interrelated factors underpin experiences of chronic Indigenous homelessness.

Ending Homelessness in Western Australia 2022 Report

The data showed a significant over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Western Australian homeless population.

How many in a crowd? Assessing overcrowding measures in Australian housing

Very few Australians live in housing that could be considered overcrowded. The norm is for households to have spare bedrooms.

Go for Gold in legacy for Brisbane 2032

The report calls for a shift away from crisis responses towards deeper, structural change.

The wealth inequality pandemic: COVID and wealth inequality

We trust this report will assist decision-makers to design policy responses to build back fairer in a manner that eases wealth inequality and improves housing affordability for those on the lowest incomes.

Housing Taxation in OECD countries

The report notes young people are being locked out of a housing market dominated by richer, older men.

Stamping out Stamp Duty – WA’s case for change

CCIWA’s ‘Stamping out stamp duty’ report builds upon widespread expert support, by the Henry Tax Review, ACOSS, St Vincent de Paul, UDIA, the OECD, the IMF and the Productivity Commission.

Homes for All: A Roadmap to Affordable Housing

To say that housing in Australia is broken is an understatement. It is in meltdown, and we won’t be able to truly fix it until we redesign our housing policies.

People with Disability in Australia 2022

The availability of affordable, sustainable and appropriate housing helps people with disability to participate in the social, economic and community aspects of everyday life.

Housing Assistance in Australia 2022

In 2020–21, around 790,000 Australians lived in social housing in over 440,000 dwellings across the country.

Give Me Shelter: The long-term costs of underproviding public, social and affordable housing

It clearly demonstrates the underlying business case for greater investment in affordable, public and social housing.

WA’s hidden crisis: Harm from alcohol

Almost every part of our lives can be affected by alcohol, including our ability to access urgent medical treatment, the amenity of our communities, safety on our roads, and the health and wellbeing of our children.