Australian Homelessness Monitor

The Australian Homelessness Monitor 2020 (AHM 2020) analyses changes in the scale and nature of homelessness in Australia, as well as its social and economic drivers.

And this edition contains the first in-depth examination of the impacts of the worldwide COVID-19 public health crisis on housing markets and homelessness here in Australia. Disturbingly, in the four years to 2018-19, homelessness climbed by 14 per cent with around 290,000 Australians seeking help from specialist homelessness services.

Family Violence

Family violence was a leading factor with children and young people experiencing harm from abuse and from a lack of safe and secure housing. 30% of individuals supported by specialist  homelessness services were under the age of 18 – that’s more than 85,700 children and young people.

Specialist Services

Increasing numbers of older Australians also sought help from specialist services. In fact, they were the fastest growing group recording a 33 per cent increase between 2014-15 and 2018-19.

Focus: COVID-19 State Homelessness Responses

The report does also focus on the impact of COVID-19 on homelessness, as well as the various State and Territories response to support people into accommodation made available through COVID-19.

The findings clearly demonstrate that the number of people experiencing homelessness being rehoused through emergency homelessness rehousing programs and initiatives in Western Australia are significantly below the numbers for the other States.

Launch Housing

The research detailed in this report was conducted with funding support from Launch Housing. Based in Melbourne, Launch Housing is a secular and independent community agency formed in July 2015. Launch Housing’s mission is to end homelessness.

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