Coffee with Conscience

Our #HW2021 donation recipient was The Underground Collaborative who provide pathways into long-term employment.

Additional portfolio responsibilities

Hon. John Carey MLA Carey will add Homelessness to his Housing and Local Government responsibilities, in addition to now overseeing the Lands portfolio.


The sculptural installation challenges institutional boundaries by giving voice to people with Lived Experience of Housing Insecurity and Homelessness, through direct participation in a community-based arts project.

‘Street to Street’ gives voice to people with lived experience of homelessness

This work was inspired by a similar piece done by American Artist Rick Lowe, who obtained and transformed a row of derelict houses into real housing for single parents through a community art collective.

State of Play Report

A documentation of the experiences of LGBTIQA+ young people within the homelessness system.

Federal Election Advocacy Toolkit

The advocacy toolkit provides advice and guidance on raising the issue of older persons’ homelessness with federal politicians and candidates.

WA Seniors Strategy

The strategy will aim to support older Western Australians of all backgrounds to live their best life as they age.

COVID-19 rental housing and homelessness impacts in Australia

New research by the ACOSS/UNSW Poverty and Inequality Partnership shows renters on low and modest incomes are in the grip of a housing pincer, especially in regional Australia, as surging rents and the Commonwealth’s neglect of social and affordable housing creates acute stress.

Estimating the population at-risk of homelessness in small areas

The estimated rate of risk per 10,000 persons for all Australia ranges between 846.9 per 10,000 for SA3 analysis (8.5% of the total population aged 15 years and over) and 1,165 per 10,000 (11.7%) for analysis derived from HILDA.

AIHW Specialist homelessness services 2019-20: WA Factsheet

AIHW Specialist Homelessness Services 2019-20: WA Factsheet • 25,000 clients were assisted in WA—9 per cent of the national SHS population (290,500 total clients). Of WA clients:• 41 per cent were homeless on first presentation, lower than the national rate (43 per cent).• 9 in 10 (89 per cent) who were at risk of homelessness […]

Community Christmas Dinner

Join this free relationship building community event on Thursday, 9 December at the George Burnett Leisure Centre Seminar Room on Manning Road, Karawara.

WA Council on Homelessness

The Council provides an important external advisory role to the Hon. Minister McGurk MLA, with information on current and emerging issues affecting homelessness.

Medical Respite Centre

From the proceeds of the lemonade stand Shelter WA was delighted to receive a total of $70.50.

Holiday Fundraiser

From the proceeds of the lemonade stand Shelter WA was delighted to receive a total of $70.50.

Shelter WA signs historic Community Sector Climate Declaration

Climate change will increase housing insecurity and the risk of homelessness, especially for people on low incomes and those experiencing housing stress.