Homelessness Week 2020

Homelessness is still prevalent in 2020 and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continue to experience higher levels of housing disadvantage than other Western Australians.

Homelessness Week 2020

Homelessness Week 2020, a national week to put a spotlight on homelessness and discuss solutions to end homelessness, will look different this year due to the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

50 Lives 50 Homes: Housing First Response to Ending Homelessness

The 50 Lives program is a collective impact project with lead workers supporting clients from a range of organisations across Perth.

Comfort Food

From a commercial kitchen located within the George Burnett Leisure Centre in Karawara Joshua Serafini surveys the room.

Community Sector Partnership Team – Taskforce on Homelessness Update

Chief Incident Controller Jason Beeley joined the Taskforce to update on the work of the State Welfare Incident Control Centre (SWICC).

Social and Economic Impact of COVID-19

The Department of Communities is monitoring the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 on the WA community.

Community Sector Partnership Team – Taskforce on Homelessness Update

Acknowledging the gap in data collection around people experiencing homelessness in the metropolitan area, it was agreed the different data sets – in particular the By Name List and data collection by Local Governments – need to be brought together.

Telstra Top-up

Opportunity for clients of eligible homelessness services, emergency relief providers, family violence services or those experiencing natural disasters to access additional free Telstra mobile credit.

Transformative housing solution to empower South West Noongar people

Progressive new venture to address homelessness among South West Noongar people promises an innovative solution that will deliver much more than housing.

Homelessness Inquiry Resumes

Before the Inquiry was suspended Shelter WA and the Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (Alliance) held a Pulse Meeting to engage the sector and to provide input to the inquiry, this work is now continuing.

Community Sector Partnership Team – Taskforce on Homelessness Update

Co-Chairs workshop with Nous Group. This robust session involving the co-chairs from all nine taskforces provided a pulse check of our work so far, the progress made and our path forward. The co-chairs were provided with key information to underpin this work, including Terms of Reference, Partnership Principles and Communications and Stakeholder Strategies.

Rent Hibernation: Reducing pressure on landlords and tenants

The COVID-19 crisis has brought to light the importance of having a home. Whist also highlighting the incredible financial stress felt by both indebted landlords and low to moderate-income renters.

Drinking Fountains on

In response to advice from the Department of Health, local WA councils are turning their drinking fountains back on.

Investment in social housing will create jobs and improve social outcomes

National housing and homelessness leaders have called for an immediate employment-boosting investment to expand Australia’s social housing by 30,000 homes as the country experiences a wave of job losses due to COVID-19.

Community Sector Partnership Team – Taskforce on Homelessness Update

A draft evaluation of the trial initiative was shared amongst the Taskforce. It was discussed how learnings from this and other COVID responses can be used for future crisis responses, in step with the Government’s Emergency Accommodation Plan.

Community Sector Partnership Team – Taskforce on Homelessness Update

An informational recap of some key points and updates on some evolving issues.