Budget Briefing

The funding boost will support two key strategies launched by the McGowan Government – the ‘WA Housing Strategy 2020-2030’ and ‘All Paths Lead to a Home: Western Australia’s 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness 2020-2030’.

Design Lab Webinars

This initial ‘design lab’ will be an opportunity for the Department of Communities to provide information on each priority project area and overview ways in which we will work with you throughout this process.

It’s not too late to complete your Census

Census data is used to plan services and support for people experiencing homelessness. This includes emergency shelters, domestic violence programs, transitional housing and programs for young people.

Exiting prison with complex support needs: the role of housing assistance

Post-release housing assistance is a potentially powerful lever in arresting the imprisonment–homelessness cycle.

National parliamentary homelessness inquiry report released

Shelter WA welcomes many of the recommendations around increasing investment into data collection and reporting.

Local Government partnership fund for homelessness

To support implementation of All Path’s Lead to a Home: Western Australia’s 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness, the first grand round of the Local Government Partnership Fund for Homelessness is now open for a ten-week period through the Department of Communities.

Department of Communities Homelessness Update

An update on the current work in the Department of Communities Homelessness Team.

Community Dinners

Join this free relationship building community event on Thursday, 2 September at the George Burnett Leisure Centre Seminar Room on Manning Road, Karawara.

Bring it home in the Budget

Figures released last month showed that at least 56 people died while homeless in Perth in 2020.

Older Women & Housing

The 2016 Census estimated that 6,866 older women were homeless and a further 5,820 older women were living in marginal housing and may be at risk of homelessness.


Shelter WA is proud to be supporting this artist-in-residence program.

Wicked Problems & Messy Data

In policy, a wicked problem is a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognise.

Ending Homelessness in Western Australia 2021 Report

This Ending Homelessness in Western Australia 2021 report builds on CSI UWA’s previous work by presenting an analysis of homelessness in Western Australia.

No progress against target to end homelessness by 2028

The latest comprehensive ‘Ending Homelessness in Western Australia’ report paints a sober picture of a lack of progress across seven targets to end homelessness in WA.

Polling finds overwhelming support for a budget boost to end homelessness

Findings from the polling, released to coincide with Homelessness Week 2021, show that housing, rental affordability and homelessness are in the top three issues that the community would like to see the state government focus on.