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Ageing in Place: Home and Housing for Australia’s Older Renters

Social housing is the most powerful way to keep older people in secure homes, and stop them from going into aged care before they’re ready.

International Snapshot – Peter McVerry Trust

Since 2020, the charity has been responsible for 61 per cent of the services delivered under the National Housing First Implementation Plan.

Inaugural State Infrastructure Strategy tabled in parliament

Foundations for a Stronger Tomorrow will provide a long-term infrastructure outlook from which government and the private sector can plan and work for decades to come.

Community Housing Opportunities

There are seven recommendations in the report, ranging from government policy changes to unlock the value of community housing to project structures and delivery methods.

New data reveals homelessness on the rise

The data showed a significant over-representation of Aboriginaland Torres Strait Islander people in the Western Australian homeless population.

Go for Gold in legacy for Brisbane 2032

The report calls for a shift away from crisis responses towards deeper, structural change.

Homes for All: A Roadmap to Affordable Housing

To say that housing in Australia is broken is an understatement. It is in meltdown, and we won’t be able to truly fix it until we redesign our housing policies.

New release of housing data from 2021 Census

The data reiterates the need for ongoing and significant co-investment by state and federal governments to increase the stock of social and affordable housing.

Housing Assistance in Australia 2022

In 2020–21, around 790,000 Australians lived in social housing in over 440,000 dwellings across the country.

Give Me Shelter: The long-term costs of underproviding public, social and affordable housing

It clearly demonstrates the underlying business case for greater investment in affordable, public and social housing.

Australian Local Government business papers

Shelter WA urges all delegates to support the motions that address the growing and evolving housing affordability challenges across Australian rural, regional, and metropolitan communities.

Managing Access to Social Housing in Australia

The research reveals signs of intensifying stress within the social housing system when it comes to allocating limited housing supply for non-priority applicants in particular.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care

Modern services are part of the evolution of an organisation that has provided a safety and security net for children and young people for almost 120 years.

Budget Briefing

Increased investment to spot purchase homes to increase social housing supply is very welcome.

Research estimates the costs of social and affordable housing shortages to society

The research forms a larger project being funded by several housing organisations including CHIA, Everybody’s Home and Shelter NSW.

IPCC: Climate Change 2022 Mitigation of Climate Change

The IPCC report calls out the need to embed equity principles in the solutions to reduce emissions and adapt to the climate change impacts already locked.