Local Government Reference Group

Sixteen representatives from across the state will come together to discuss strategies to support and better equip local governments to respond to homelessness at a local level.

This partnership will provide information on innovative responses to homelessness through the establishment of an online homelessness resource (a Local Government Homelessness Knowledge Hub) enabling local governments to share information to inform evidence-based responses that respond to local needs.

Strategic and Policy Responses

Senior Project Officer Erika Everitt, who is on secondment at Shelter WA from the City of Joondalup, says the group will bring together case studies, templates, and examples of best practice in policy, strategy and program responses to homelessness.

“A number of local governments have developed local and regional homelessness strategies; and others are keen to obtain information and resources on how to do this,” she said.

“We know many local governments wish to address homeless in their local areas. This project will provide resources and information to enable Councils to develop a local response in partnership with their community. Responses will consider how all functional areas of Council can be harnessed from the development of policies and strategies through to supporting front-line staff or using planning frameworks to facilitate social and affordable housing options which are critical exit points from homelessness.”

The Project

Shelter WA was awarded a Strengthening and Adapting Organisations Grant from Lotterywest to undertake the Local Government Homelessness Knowledge Hub Project (the Project) in partnership with the WA Local Government Association and Local Government Professionals WA.

The Group

The local government reference group is comprised of,

• Konrad Seidl
City of Perth, Alliance Manager Community Services
• Cara Finch
City of Vincent, Safer Vincent Advisor
• Michele Fletcher
City of Bayswater, Coordinator Community Development
• Mathew Owens
Town of Victoria, Park Safer Neighbourhoods Officer
• Christie Mildenhall
Shire of Derby/West Kimberley, Associate Director Community Services
• Amy Pitts
Shire of Harvey, Manager Place
• Mary-Jane Rigby
City of Rockingham, Manager Community Safety & Support Services
• Paul Nielsen
City of Albany, Manager Arts & Culture
• Pauline Wark
City of Joondalup, Community Development Officer
• Bek Slavin
City of Fremantle, Project Officer
• Matt Cuthbert
Shire of Augusta-Margaret River, Manager Planning and Regulatory Services
• Mark Burgess
Department of Communities, Executive Director Strategy: Strategy and Partnerships
• Jordan Koroveshi
Local Government Planners’ Association, Treasurer
• Vikki Barlow
WALGA, Senior Policy Advisor Community
• Dene Lawrence
WA Rangers Association
• Candy Choo
Local Government Professionals WA, Chief Executive Officer
• Jude Thomas
Community Development Network WA, President CDN Network
• Erika Everitt
Shelter WA, Senior Project Officer