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Urban Indigenous homelessness: much more than housing

According to the research, two interrelated factors underpin experiences of chronic Indigenous homelessness.

Shelter WA in the Central Great Southern

The focus was on both networking and exploring a range of key regional issues in the youth sector, including housing and homelessness.

New data reveals homelessness on the rise

The data showed a significant over-representation of Aboriginaland Torres Strait Islander people in the Western Australian homeless population.

Industry update: Reducing the risk of COVID-19 impacts on your organisation

Face masks are strongly encouraged indoors, especially in crowded indoor spaces.

Excel Heaven

When you’re an engineering student winter break is not ideal. The shortest in the academic calendar, at one month, engineering internships are offered primarily in summer where the three-month holiday provides a better learning experience. UWA student Bryan Wiratno explains why: “You need to undertake many project briefings and by the time you start proper, […]

Sisters of St John of God ACHO Funding

Shelter WA will continue to facilitate collaboration between the four providers and build on the established momentum to facilitate knowledge sharing and peer support.

Industry update: COVID-19 reinfection period changed from 12 weeks to four weeks

The interval recommended between a recent COVID-19 infection or last booster dose is now three months.

ICP Steering Committee EOI

Members of the Steering Committee are invited to contribute in many ways.

Industry update: More free RATs to be handed out across the state

Please also encourage family, friends and colleagues to stock up on RATs at these pop-ups, especially now during cooler months with winter viruses circulating.

Shelter WA in the regions

Shelter WA’s regional engagement framework project is funded by Lotterywest.

Building Tenancy Skills Co-Design Team

The workshop will provide information about the Residential Tenancies Act in Plain English and will signpost tenants to relevant supports.

Aboriginal Short Stay Accommodation Program

A downloadable form to apply for the working group can be found at the link and contains some more information about their involvement.

Shelter WA visits Albany

The City of Albany have been involved in the Shelter WA Local Government Homelessness Knowledge Hub project.

Industry update: More public health measures will be phased out in WA

Restrictions on travel to remote Aboriginal communities will ease however some communities may choose to still apply their own restrictions.

Submission to Infrastructure Australia

The submission was part of Shelter WA’s regional engagement project, funded through Lotterywest.

Budget Briefing

Increased investment to spot purchase homes to increase social housing supply is very welcome.