Sisters of St John of God ACHO Funding

Shelter WA has been awarded a grant by the Sisters of St John of God to continue the work of the Aboriginal Community Housing Organisations (ACHO’s) Capacity Building Project, building on Stage One which was funded by Lotterywest to build the capacity of four-WA based Aboriginal community housing organisations.

Shelter WA would like to acknowledge and to thank the Sisters for their enormous support of this important work.

The four ACHO’s included Noongar Mia Mia, and three regional providers namely Murchison Region Aboriginal Corporation (Geraldton), Goldfields Indigenous Housing Organisation (Goldfields) and Southern Aboriginal Corporation (Albany).

Broader Growth

The project will provide medium-term operational support over three years, to support the broader growth and sustainability of the ACHO’s in identified key areas. Shelter WA will continue to facilitate collaboration between the four providers and build on the established momentum to facilitate knowledge sharing and peer support.

The continuation of the project will substantially contribute to the growth and suitability of the WA ACHO sector and position them well to deliver great housing outcomes. A peer-to-peer approach to this will achieve economies of scale through shared learnings. Registration as Community Housing Providers will lay the foundation for opportunities available through the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation, which provides grants and finance options for registered community housing organisations.

Direct Funding

In addition, the funding for the ACHO capacity building project the Sisters of St John of God have also provided direct funding to the four ACHOs to support their individual growth and sustainability. This includes investment in new tenancy and property management asset management and document management software, a tenancy support program and funding for additional housing stock to support Aboriginal families.