SHERP Grant Program enquiries

Throughout the course of the Social Housing Economic Recovery Package (SHERP) grant application period, there has been several enquiries through the SHERP Grant mailbox, and the following clarification has been provided.


  • The Department is mindful that due to building and construction industry constraints, the ability to obtain two quotes for the Refurbishment – Workstream 2 and Remote Aboriginal Property Maintenance – Workstream 3 may be difficult or outside the required timeframe for submission. Whilst the Department is still requiring two quotes as part of submissions where possible, we acknowledge that this may not always be attainable. If only one quote per refurbishment is possible, please provide evidence of having sought a second quote or otherwise outline in detail a valid reason as to why for consideration (for example remote areas where only a single contractor is available to quote). Note assessments will be based off the information submitted and the organisation may be required to supply further information post assessment phase but prior to funding being awarded.
  • A Quantity Surveyor’s report may be provided in lieu of a second quote, however, the Department recognises that this is likely to have costs involved for the organisation.
  • For refurbishment items that span across shared amenities across more than one dwelling/unit in a group of dwellings or complex, the shared amenity project can be uploaded as a part of one application. It must be clearly articulated that the value of the refurbishment work is across a number of dwellings in the complex, and that the value of refurbishment requested does not exceed the individual project cap of $500,000 per individual submission. If you require further clarity, please email here.
  • If an organisation has received one quote for identical works over multiple dwellings, the same quote can be uploaded across the applications as long as the portion of the quote attributed to that dwelling is articulated in the returnable schedule.
  • Current guidance requires prior permission and approval from a Department of Communities contract manager for any proposal which relates to structural works on a leased Department of Communities asset. Please note that it is no longer mandatory that this be provided prior to submitting a grant application but will be required prior to funding being awarded.
  • Applicants are still required to provide evidence of asset owner approval and lease tenure for leased properties (which are not owned by the Department of Communities).

Please note Section 4.3 of Refurbishment – Workstream 2 guidelines has been updatedto reflect these changes.