Regulatory Advisory Group

The Regulatory Advisory Group (RAG), the interim forum to oversee the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH) meets every six months, bringing together registrars, state and territory policy officers and state community housing representative organisations.


Shelter WA attends these meetings to encourage alignment between the NRSCH and our regulatory system.

Information about the NRSCH can be found here.

Issues raised at the meeting included the NRSCH review, guidance being prepared on the registration of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), and that the WA Registrar Team is about to review their regulatory documents to ensure they remain aligned with the NRSCH.

Also, the NSW Registrar is doing work on registration of affordable rental housing as more homes are generated from the planning system. There was agreement to publish additional information on Community Housing Providers (CHPs) on the NRSCH register including property data and CHP contact details.