DoC commercial and contract model review

The Department of Communities (DoC) is undergoing a review on how it manages and maintains its 51,000 properties across WA. The current Head Maintenance Contract (HMC) is in place until 30 June 2025. This review will contribute to the development of the next HMC.

Shelter WA alongside the Aboriginal Health Council of WA (AHCWA) have been advocating to the DoC around concerns raised by members on the impact of housing maintenance on remote communities’ tenants through the current head maintenance contract model, and a belief that there is a better way that these contracts could be managed to deliver better and more cost-effective, culturally appropriate housing outcomes for people, communities and government.

It is crucial the WA state government work with local Aboriginal communities to reform remote housing maintenance contracts to ensure they meet need and are culturally designed and delivered.

Remote Communities

There is an opportunity for the community sector to work with the DoC to develop a model that would better work for remote communities and deliver better outcomes for tenants. The Commercial and Contract Model Review process will include:

  • A review of the existing HMC model, relevant contracts and their suitability to meet the requirements of DoC and its clients;
  • Consideration of non-housing assets;
  • What services are to be included or excluded from the contract;
  • Fit-for-purpose model recommendations;
  • How services can optimise social and commercial value of assets;
  • Who the target market should be;
  • The nature of the contracting model;
  • Development of the model’s commercial framework and principles;
  • Remote location maintenance; and
  • Opportunities for regional and Aboriginal enterprises.

The DoC is seeking input from sector stakeholders to help shape any new maintenance contracting model.

If you wish to participate in the review, please provide contact details for a representative from your organisation to engage with the DoC via email here.