“Moving On” Rental survey sheds light on the rental market

More than one third of national renters (38 per cent) reported the COVID pandemic impacted their tenancy, despite the protections put in place during COVID by the WA Government.

Moving On

This report shines a light on the experiences of private rental tenants, landlords and property managers across Australia to create a picture of how tenancies end in the private rental market and what changes are needed to make renting fairer.

Renting in the time of COVID-19: understanding the impacts

The impacts of COVID-19 across the rental sector are, in many respects, still emerging, and this presents a real challenge for policymakers in developing targeted and effective assistance.

Bill Buddy

The Bill Buddy app is designed to assist people to reduce the costs and environmental impacts of their energy consumption.

Understanding and reimagining social housing pathways

Policies shaping social housing pathways have evolved in response to high demand and decreased supply, with a tighter targeting of eligibility and a rationing of housing to those of ‘highest need’.

Relief Package to Support Tenants, Landlords

The McGowan Government has announced a new package to support tenants, landlords and the construction industry in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moratorium on Eviction Legislation Passed

The WA Parliament has passed the Residential Tenancies (COVID-19 Response) Bill 2020. This means that there will now be a moratorium on tenancy evictions for the emergency period.

MEDIA RELEASE: Rental eviction moratorium will help flatten the curve

Shelter WA welcomes the announcement from the McGowan Government that they are exploring hotel rooms to accommodate people experiencing homelessness.

Tenancy and COVID-19

Our Shelter WA Consultant, Advocacy and Policy Lisa Kazalac chatted with 6PR Overnights Host Tony Serve in a wide-ranging interview as the Residential Tenancies (COVID-19 Response) Bill is introduced into Parliament.

Stop Residential Evictions

Sign the Tenancy WA Inc petition to stop residential evictions and protect renters from COVID-19 in WA.

Renting in a Time of COVID-19

Community housing providers are experiencing first-hand how nervous some tenants are feeling, with some choosing not to pay rent.

Community Sector Partnership Team – Housing Information

An update from the Community Sector Partnership Team at the Department of Communities in relation to important temporary changes to housing policies.

Community Housing Providers Workshop

Shelter WA held a workshop for community housing providers and tenants who are members to discuss the critical review of the Residential Tenancies Act 1987.

Social Housing Pathways

Study shows that the private rental market in Australia is unaffordable and inaccessible for low-income households.

Tenants’ Union of NSW: LIVES TURNED UPSIDE DOWN NSW renters’experience of ‘no grounds’ evictions

The Tenants’ Union of NSW with Marrickville Legal Centre has released the findings of a new report exploring the impacts of no grounds evictions. This research adds pressure to the incoming NSW government to act on reform quickly in the next Parliament. The Tenants’ Union is calling on all aspiring government parties to attend Sydney […]

Unison Housing Research Lab: Who stays, who leaves and why?

Occupancy patterns at Unison Housing between 2014 and 2016. Social housing provides safe, secure, long-term accommodation for some of the most disadvantaged households in the community. Social housing organisations in Australia must deal with expectations to house people with complex needs, build more cohesive communities and, at the same time remain financially viable. Their work […]