Research into funding of homelessness services

There are a number of significant federal and state government reform agendas on the horizon that will impact across community housing and homelessness service providers.

These include:

  • WA Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into the Financial Administration of Homelessness Services in WA.
  • Productivity Commission review of the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement.
  • Department of Communities Commissioning Plan for Homelessness Services.

Robust Evidence Base

There are significant gaps in the data around the levels of need, funding and delivery of homelessness services across Western Australia. In December 2021 Shelter WA sought expressions of interest from organisations to undertake a research project to identify current funding to WA homelessness services from government, the sector and other sources and to extrapolate current unmet need for homelessness services by region and across identified cohorts. The research findings will provide a robust evidence base and put our sector in a strong position to influence state and federal government decision-making on homelessness services funding and policy.

Advisory Group

The Centre for Social Impact UWA (CSI UWA) has been awarded this work and the project is being overseen by a small advisory group of services providers. Research findings will be shared with members and partners to inform their work or inquiry submissions.

We would be grateful for your support for this project and your positive response to requests from CSI UWA for data to inform the research.

More information about the project will be coming soon.