Tenant Engagement Training

Representatives from a range of WA Community Housing Organisations attended Shelter WA’s sold out Tenant Engagement Training session to learn how they can engage tenants more in the provision of housing and services.

Tenant Experts

Representatives from Alliance Housing, Rise Network, Stellar Living, St Bartholomew’s House, Zonta House, Indigo Junction, Connect Victoria Park, St Patrick’s Community Support Centre, Salvation Army Housing, Rocky Bay and Bethanie attended the session facilitated by sector professionals Leah Watkins and Amy Kidner.

For Leah the training highlight was watching services working together to unpack case studies with the goal to engage tenants further.

“The training is more than just the what and how of tenant engagement, but also the why,” Ms Watkins said. “Tenants are experts on community housing so listening to them and involving them in decision making is a critical strategy for improving service.

“We consulted the regulator preparing the training.”

“Tenants have lived in homes our organisations provide much longer than we have worked here, so they give nuanced feedback and provide a deep understanding about what works.

“We consulted the regulator preparing the training, and their key message was around providing opportunities for tenants’ voices to be heard and making sure organisations closed the loop by acting on tenant feedback and letting them know what has been implemented.”

Missed Out?

An online version of Tenant Engagement Training for Community Housing Providers will be held on Wednesday, 30 November with a few spots still remaining. Register here.

For existing registered organisations or organisations considering registration under the Community Housing Regulatory Framework, this training will touch on how to evidence the work you do to meet Tier 1, 2 and 3 regulatory requirements for tenant engagement.

Amy Kinder has five years’ experience in a dedicated tenant consultation and communications role at a large community housing organisation and Leah Watkins is a skilled trainer with over 30 years’ experience in the homelessness and housing sectors co-designing and engaging with people from a range of backgrounds.