ACHO Capacity Building Project

The CEO’s from four Aboriginal Community Housing Organisations (ACHO’s) met on Tuesday, 12 October for the first of a number of working group meetings as part of Shelter WA’s ACHO Capacity Building Project.

The four ACHO’s included one metro provider Noongar Mia Mia, and three regional providers namely Murchison Region Aboriginal Corporation (Geraldton), Goldfields Indigenous Housing Organisation (Goldfields) and Southern Aboriginal Corporation (Albany).

The meeting included a meet-and-greet with key representatives from Department of Communities from the office of the Registrar, the Housing and Assets Division and the Aboriginal Outcomes areas.

COVID-19 Grant

Shelter WA was awarded a COVID-19 Grant by Lotterywest to deliver the project and build the capacity of the four-WA based Aboriginal community housing organisations.

The project will focus on optimising the ACHO’s current assets, build on their professionalism and through a peer-to-peer learning approach build collective capability supported by the technical expertise shared across the organisations.

Community Housing Regulatory Framework

Long term sustainability will be addressed with the view to positioning the organisations to seek registration through the Community Housing Regulatory Framework. It will explore what is needed for each ACHO to become a registered community housing organisation if this is their choice.

Pictured | Department of Communities Ben Rooke, Natasha Kickett, Grant Bobongie and Lyn Anderson, Michelle Mackenzie and Paula O’Leary from Shelter WA and Tina Pickett Noongar Mia Mia, Mary Marshall MRAC, Asha Bhat SAC and Merri Best GIHO.