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NHFIC: Social Bond Report 2021–22

NHFIC issues social and sustainable bonds to support its mandate of improving housing outcomes for Australians, with an emphasis on providing low-income and vulnerable Australians access to safe, stable and affordable housing.

Community Housing Opportunities

There are seven recommendations in the report, ranging from government policy changes to unlock the value of community housing to project structures and delivery methods.

Innovative partnerships to drive supply of social and affordable housing

This report highlights additional opportunities to build on this partnership enabling government funding to meet a greater proportion of unmet need.

Sisters of St John of God ACHO Funding

Shelter WA will continue to facilitate collaboration between the four providers and build on the established momentum to facilitate knowledge sharing and peer support.

Homes for All: A Roadmap to Affordable Housing

To say that housing in Australia is broken is an understatement. It is in meltdown, and we won’t be able to truly fix it until we redesign our housing policies.

RAI discussion paper on meeting demand for regional housing

Structural barriers to home building in regional Australia is outlined as the key reason for building not keeping pace with population growth.

State of the Nation’s Housing 2021–22

By household type, the strongest growth in new households is expected from lone person households (595,000), followed by couple families without children (488,000), then couple families with children (361,000).

Housing, the hot topic in Port Hedland

Shelter WA received a COVID-19 grant from Lotterywest to develop a regional engagement framework across the nine regions.

Australia needs a social housing future fund

The future fund is an important mechanism to address the ongoing decline of Australia’s social housing stock.

NHFIC Statutory Review

Recommendations include that consideration be given to increasing the maximum size of individual grants available under the Capacity Building Program to $75,000.

Delivering More Affordable Housing: An Innovative Solution

Financial modelling shows how different combinations of federal, state and private sector support – and tenure mix and geographic location – can narrow the funding gap for community housing.

‘Developer Contributions: How should we pay for new local infrastructure?’

Developer contributions for local infrastructure are inconsistent, lack transparency and have broadened in scope, adding more to the cost of new homes and potentially impeding new housing supply, according to the paper.

Delivering More Affordable Housing: An Innovative Solution

This paper focuses on harnessing the contributions from different stakeholders – federal and state governments, institutional investors and community housing providers (CHPs) – bringing together the most efficient financing mix to drive more housing supply.

Community housing leads the way in Victoria

The Victorian government is strongly supporting its community housing sector as a key delivery partner in the Big Housing Build.

NHFIC: Capacity Building Grants

Eligible community housing providers can access tailored assistance from a panel of approved professional advisory service providers to help with applications for funding from either NHFIC’s Affordable Housing Bond Aggregator or the National Housing Infrastructure Facility.