NHFIC: Social Bond Report 2021–22

This report provides information and transparency to investors in National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC) bonds and forms a key disclosure requirement under NHFIC’s Sustainability Bond Framework.

It includes information on increasing investor interest in the community housing sector as a recognised investment asset class; and profiles of the Community Housing Providers (CHPs) supported by the bonds issued during the past financial year.

Highlights for 2021-22

• NHFIC approved $509.3 million of new loans to CHPs, saving them an estimated $96.2 million in lower interest and fees over the life of the loans, and supporting the delivery of 3,296 social and affordable homes.
• NHFIC continued to drive the growth of the Australian social bond market; issuing $198 million in new bonds and attracting three new international investors.
• The 2021-22 bonds are financing five CHPs to deliver 733 homes and will save them an estimated $25.9 million in lower interest and fees over the life of the loans.
• New NHFIC research analysis reveals tenants living in community housing feel more secure, and have improved financial, employment and health outcomes.

Since inception, NHFIC has approved $3.4 billion in funding for social and affordable housing through the Affordable Housing Bond Aggregator, supporting 39 community housing providers to deliver over 17,500 new and existing homes.

Report Links

The Social Bond Report 2021-22 is available here.