Productivity Commission Report: NHHA

The Productivity Commission has released its review of the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement including how well Governments have delivered on the Agreement and its suitability for the future.

The review’s recommendations mirror many findings and recommendations presented in Shelter WA’s submission to the review. This includes the pressures on social and affordable rental housing and homelessness services, the need for a review Commonwealth Rent Assistance as a priority, that First Home Buyers Grants would be better spent on social housing and greater support for Aboriginal Community Controlled housing and homelessness services.

Shelter WA in partnership with the national shelter network will continue to prosecute the case for increased investment in the next National Housing and Homelessness Agreement, with a focus on harnessing the strengths of the community housing sector to increase supply.

The Productivity Commission Review, In need of repair: The National Housing and Homelessness Agreement study can be found here.


In addition to the submission. Review these attachments,