Homelessness Inquiry Submissions

The WA Legislative Council Standing Committee on Estimates and Financial Operations has called for submissions from the public in relation to its inquiry into the financial administration of services addressing homelessness in Western Australia.


Submissions should be received no later than Friday, 11 March 2022. 

Submissions must address one or more of the Committee’s terms of reference.

The committee will consider:

(1) the current funding and delivery of services

(2) All Paths Lead to a Home: Western Australia’s 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness 2020–2030

(3) existing data systems and how data informs service delivery

(4) any other related matter.


Once sent to the Committee, submissions are confidential and should not be disclosed to others without approval by the Committee. Further information about the form and content of submissions can be obtained from the Committee Office or viewed on the Parliament’s website here.

The members conducting the inquiry are Hon. Peter Collier MLC; Hon. Jackie Jarvis MLC; Hon. Nick Goiran MLC; Hon. Dr Brad Pettitt MLC and the Hon. Samantha Rowe MLC. 

 Shelter WA looks forward to working with our members and partners to respond to the inquiry, and more broadly as we continue to advocate for social and affordable housing and ending homelessness in Western Australia. 

Further Information

About the Committee can be found here. Lodge a submission here. 

Photo Credit | The Parliament of Western Australia/Facebook