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Centre for Social Impact Research into homelessness services funding

The next step of the research will be an analysis of the survey data and the collection of qualitative data through a number of focus groups and case studies.

Inquiry into the financial administration of homelessness services

The extension will allow us to incorporate findings of the research being undertaken by the Centre for Social Impact, UWA, on behalf of Shelter WA.

Homelessness inquiry holds first hearing

Shelter WA has received an extension and will be providing a submission to the inquiry by Friday, 1 April 2022.

Homelessness Inquiry Submissions

Submissions should be received no later than Friday, 11 March 2022.

Homelessness Inquiry

Shelter WA looks forward to working with our members and partners to respond to the inquiry, and more broadly as we continue to advocate for social and affordable housing and ending homelessness in Western Australia.