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State Commissioning Strategy for Community Services has been released

Finance would like to thank community sector representatives, organisations and peak bodies as well as government agencies for your contribution.

Community Services Bulletin

The Outcomes Measurement Framework is not being applied to existing service agreements except where service providers are keen to have it integrated.

Community Services Bulletin

Where service agreements have pricing frameworks designed to facilitate individualised funding agreements, the Indexation Policy applies to the unit prices or similar pricing mechanisms.

Community Services Bulletin

It’s been a busy start of the year for everyone, particularly the community services sector, with WA borders opening and community restrictions continuing to change.

Community Services Outcomes Measurement Framework information sessions

The session primarily covers how government agency officers can align their commissioning plans and service agreements to the Outcomes Measurement Framework.

Community Services Bulletin

We’re working closely with the community services sector to ensure services can continue to be delivered to vulnerable community members.

Community Services Bulletin

The request for COVID-19 mandatory vaccination disclosure is included where service delivery involves occupations or workforces that are, or may become, subject to a mandatory vaccination order.

Commissioning Strategy releases commissioning plan

The Plan will work towards encompassing all services with the initial focus on priority service delivery areas.

Service Agreement Flexibility

Variations should be relationship-based, focused on the needs of service users, and designed to enable innovation.

Commissioning Plan – Communities

The Department have added a number of background resources to their website, including the Homeless Service System Alignment Analysis and Road Map and the Building a Better Future – OOHC Reform Program Roadmap 2019-2023.

Commissioning Strategy – Homelessness Services

Shelter WA will work closely with the sector and government to co-design a clear, visible transition process over the next two years which will inform and guide the commissioning of homelessness services.

Community Services Procurement Policy

The Strategy aims to improve outcomes for all Western Australians. It will ensure greater cohesion between stakeholders while enabling services to remain agile and better meet the needs of individuals, families, and communities.

Community Services Bulletin

The 2021-22 indexation rate, applicable to service agreements from 1 July 2021, is 1.30 per cent.

Minister Talks

Shelter WA used this opportunity to press the case for lazy land to be identified so it can be leased to the non-profit/community housing sector to drive rapid investment into construction.

Commissioning Strategy

It is envisaged the Strategy will result in significant benefits for the community services sector.

Community Services Sector Peaks COVID-19 Briefing

The Department of Communities (Communities) and the Mental Health Commission (MHC) are working together, along with the Department of Finance to ensure that you and your stakeholders are kept up-to-date and can access direct assistance in relation to the COVID 19 lockdown.