Commissioning Plan – Communities

The Department of Communities have posted responses to questions from their Commissioning of Services webinar on their website.

They are continuing to work through the rest of the questions and will upload them as responses are ready.

Also the Department have added a number of background resources to their website, including the Homeless Service System Alignment Analysis and Road Map and the Building a Better Future – OOHC Reform Program Roadmap 2019-2023.

This information can be found here.

Shelter WA has met with the homelessness team to discuss the Homeless Design Lab scheduled for Thursday, 4 November. A meeting with organisational members who operate homelessness services has been scheduled in advance of this meeting to revisit the Road Map and discuss options that could be put in place over the next two years to support the commissioning process.

We look forward to working with our members on this issue to ensure there is a clear transition process in place over the next two years.