Commissioning Strategy

Shelter WA along with several other peak bodies attended a briefing by the Department of Finance on The State Commissioning Strategy (the Strategy).

This strategy will take a whole of government coherent, holistic and co-ordinated approach to the delivery of sustainable human and community services outcomes, including implementation of Government reforms and priorities.

Representatives from several peak bodies attended the briefing.

It is envisaged the Strategy will result in significant benefits for the community services sector including:

  • Improved longer-term planning and evidence-based decision-making by government agencies;
  • Greater visibility of the pipeline of community services work, improving the community services sector’s ability to plan and manage their resources;
  • More sustainable services for service providers and more importantly those receiving services;
  • Outcomes-focused approach for service design and delivery and alignment of outcomes to client needs;
  • Better integration and coordination of services by government agencies, improving clients’ experience with the service system;
  • More streamlined reporting and reduction of the administrative burden for service providers;
  • Better use of resources by government agencies by evaluating what works, changing what doesn’t so resources can be invested to maximise impact;
  • Improved procurement and contract management by government agencies; and
  • Prioritised services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that support self-determination, through community led decision making and community-controlled organisations.

Agencies will be required to develop a five-year individual agency-level commissioning plans for contracted services with a focus on contracts expiring in 2021 and 2022. These plans will be subject to an independent review. The agency-level commissioning plans will inform the Strategy, which will provide a holistic view of commissioning across the sector.

Agencies have been encouraged to begin consultation with the sector on their individual plans as soon as possible, and the Departments of Finance, Treasury and Premier and Cabinet will commence consultation with key community services sector representatives on the strategy in late May 2021.

For more information download the Fact Sheet here.