Commissioning Strategy releases commissioning plan

Western Australia’s State Commissioning Strategy for community services is being developed to ensure greater cohesion between Government, service providers, peak bodies and consumer advocates.

The aim is to ensure services remain contemporary and are agile enough to change to meet the needs of services users. The commissioning approach includes stages of work associated with identifying need, communicating intention, and service design for delivering local place-based services.

Agency Commissioning Plan

The Department of Communities has now released its Agency Commissioning Plan, outlining the first steps in an ongoing commissioning approach to the delivery of services.

The Plan will work towards encompassing all services with the initial focus on the following priority service delivery areas:

• Out of Home Care
• Family and Domestic Violence
• Homelessness
• Child Sexual Abuse Therapeutic Services

The Plan also outlines initial plans for other services areas within community services, housing and disability services. It provides insight into how the approach will progress over time and will be updated as required to ensure it captures the totality of services delivered to the community.

The Department of Communities welcomes feedback on this Plan.

Commissioning Approach Sector Briefing

A whole of sector webinar was held on Monday, 13 December for the Department of Communities to provide an update on the commissioning project. The briefing included release of a short video outlining the approach taken at the South West Homelessness Design Lab in October, an update from Cheryl Smith, Assistant Director General Aboriginal Outcomes, on the progress of the ACCO Strategy, and a question and answer session. A recording of the webinar and responses to the questions will be made available on the Department of Communities Commissioning Plan website.

Commissioning Working Group

The Department of Communities has established a Community Partnerships Roundtable Commissioning Working Group as a forum for collaboration across the implementation of a strategic commissioning approach. The Working Group is co-chaired by the Department of Communities and Community Employers WA (CEWA) and Shelter WA is a member. The Working Group meets quarterly and has agreed to Terms of Reference which outline the purpose, key activities and membership.

The most recent meeting of the Working Group focussed on:

• Finalising Terms of Reference and membership
• Discussing and sharing feedback on the initial commissioning design labs undertaken across the four key priority areas
• Indicative plans for extending non-priority contracts
• The draft State Commissioning Strategy
• The Department of Communities Agency Commissioning Plan, and
• The draft outcomes framework which has been prepared by the Department of Finance.

Shelter WA welcomes any feedback from members to bring to the Working Group and to inform our broader engagement in the government’s work to adopt a commissioning approach to delivery of contracted homelessness services.