Community Sector Partnership Team – Updates

On Friday, 21 January 2022 a COVID-19 Preparedness – WA Border opening sector briefing was held.

The speakers were;

  • Mike Rowe, Director General, Department of Communities
  • Mark Burgess, Executive Director Strategy, Department of Communities
  • Amanda Pickrell, Deputy Director General, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Tudor Codreanu, Incident Controller and Kylie Mulcahy, Planning Lead, State Health Incident Control Centre (SHICC)
  • Tami Maitre, Director Emergency Services, SWICC, Department of Communities
  • Elaine Paterson, Executive Director Contracting, Department of Communities
  • Rachel Siewert, WACOSS


The webinar is now available for viewing at this link. You can also download a copy of the webinar slides. Questions asked during the webinar are being collated and will be posted in FAQs in coming days at the same link.

Partnership Team

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