Infection Control Program Lotterywest presentation

Housing and Homelessness Minister Hon. John Carey MLA presented a Lotterywest grant supporting a twelve-month Infection Control Program to support the housing and homelessness sector reduce the COVID-19 risk within peoples accessing support services, housing and accommodation.

“Right throughout the pandemic, our community sector organisations have played a critical role alongside our government, responding to the challenges we have faced as a state, and this grant will help to continue that important work,” Minister Carey said.

“Congratulations to the Shelter WA team on the grant and their ongoing work advocating for vulnerable people in our community.”

Managing Risk

Feedback from the sector indicates there is broad range of knowledge and awareness with adopting infection control measures in services, most of whom are not clinically based.

[L-R] Elizabeth Brown Project Manager; Paula O’Leary Shelter WA Head of Policy and Sector Development; Michelle Mackenzie Shelter WA CEO; Michael Piu Shelter WA Vice-Chair; Hon. John Carey MLA Minister for Housing and Homelessness

With increasing prevalence of COVID-19 and other infections in the community, this program will support services with infection control management to ensure their policies and practice are relevant, appropriate and manages risk. The project aligns with public health directives as they are updated by the Department of health and complement the existing systems in place to support service providers.
To make sure the program remains relevant to sector needs representatives including regional representation have formed a reference group. Data will be captured so the project can be evaluated and with the dynamic nature of this project, adjust the focus as necessary.
The funding for this program has been provided by Lotterywest.