100 Families WA project comes to an end

For the last few years, 100 Families WA has been working alongside hundreds of Western Australian families experiencing entrenched disadvantage to learn more about their experiences.

The project team has been working to document their learnings so we can improve our community and social support systems. The 100 Families WA project is made up of 10 organisations – and is funded by Lotterywest. Shelter WA has been proud to work with the team with a particular lens on housing and homelessness issues.

Information gathered by the 100 Families WA project is unique in WA as it is deeply informed, developed and delivered by people with lived experience of disadvantage. Last week marked the final week of the 100 Families WA project and there were several key resources launched to help the sector embed the invaluable findings into its work.

These resources include:

E-Learning Program

Informed and led by lived experience, this e-learning program helps users to understand who the families living in disadvantage are, what their experiences of the support system looks like and, importantly what steps can be taken to break the cycle of disadvantage.

It has been designed for use by both government and community sector agencies, supporting them in critical areas, including service design and evaluation, policy and strategy development, and staff and volunteer training/professional development.

Self-Assessment Tool

The organisation self-assessment tool is a quick and simple to use tool that provides structure for organisations to reflect on their own practices and policies in relation to the key findings and strengthen efforts that better meet the needs of their clients.

The tool can be used to find out how aligned an organisation is to what families living in disadvantage need, and what can be done to make improvements.

Policy and Strategy Development Guide

The 100 Families WA Policy and Strategy Development Guide is designed to support government agencies and community services organisations to create more effective policy and strategy by following the evidence-informed guide.

Welcome to Our World Platform and Educational Tool

Welcome to Our World is an online, interactive tool that promotes awareness of what families living in disadvantage go through and what can be done to address this issue.

It is designed to be educational and informative.  Watch and hear from those experiencing disadvantage and find out what you can do to help improve the system.

Promote Awareness

100 Families WA is encouraging services to embed the newly developed tools and resources into practice and to promote awareness of these tools.

Each of these resources can be found on a newly designed website, packed with resources and information to continue the legacy of 100 Families WA.
“The people living in disadvantage have provided us with something important, so it is up to us now to do the right thing with it.” (Alex Hughes, Project Manager of 100 Families WA).