Community Sector Partnership Team – Taskforce on Homelessness Update

Hello everyone,

Following our last Taskforce meeting on 24 July 2020, please see below the key issues covered and actions going forward:

Strategy and sector partnerships team update

o Penny Kennedy provided an update on the strategy and sector partnerships team.
o Some taskforces are considering the nature and frequency of the taskforce meetings in the context of social recovery to consider what will work best for the aims of the taskforces and to ensure effective ongoing collaboration across the sector.
o The sector partnerships team will look at sharing some consolidated information about the new Lotterywest framework with taskforces.

Survey on emerging homelessness and housing issues

o The survey went to the WA Regional Capitals Alliance for a ten-day response period and was designed to capture and gather information across the regions around the impacts of COVID-19, emerging issues and place-based perspectives associated with homelessness.
o Further information on the data received from responses to the survey will be actioned to provide at the next meeting.

SHICC scenario planning

o The Department of Health COVID-19 scenario planning for congregate living documents are not finalised for release at this stage.

Taskforce scenario planning

o The strategy and sector partnerships team will provide feedback to the Taskforce on relevant planning work being done elsewhere relating to the scenarios that were being considered by the Taskforce.

Local Government data

o WALGA will be invited to speak at a future meeting about data collection in local government services.

Moving forward

As I mentioned at the meeting, I will be handing over the position of Co-Chair to Emma Colombera as I am moving into a new position. I thank you all for your hard work and support and hope we get to work together again.

The next taskforce meeting is scheduled for Thursday 20 August 2020.

Thank you,

Tiffany Allen
Co-Chair, COVID-19 Taskforce: People at risk of, or experiencing homelessness