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Escalation Assistance

Shelter WA sees this as a positive collaboration to increase vaccination rates within this population. The strategy builds on the good work undertaken by the sector and government to accelerate vaccinations rates.

Industry update: COVID-19 update: public health measures to ease

The change to isolation requirements will enable people who have tested positive to COVID-19 and close contacts to return to work sooner, while continuing to protect at-risk people in our community.

Industry update: Reducing the risk of COVID-19 impacts on your organisation

Face masks are strongly encouraged indoors, especially in crowded indoor spaces.

Industry update: COVID-19 reinfection period changed from 12 weeks to four weeks

The interval recommended between a recent COVID-19 infection or last booster dose is now three months.

Industry update: More free RATs to be handed out across the state

Please also encourage family, friends and colleagues to stock up on RATs at these pop-ups, especially now during cooler months with winter viruses circulating.

Infection Control Program Lotterywest presentation

To make sure the program remains relevant to sector needs representatives including regional representation have formed a reference group.

Industry update: More public health measures will be phased out in WA

Restrictions on travel to remote Aboriginal communities will ease however some communities may choose to still apply their own restrictions.

Industry update: We’re on a roll, WA

The campaign will run through to August across TV, radio, press, out of home, digital channels, and community activations.

Industry update: RAT collection expanding to drive-throughs

This makes it even more convenient for close contacts with no symptoms to collect RATs as part of the requirement to undertake a daily RAT before leaving their place of isolation.

Preparedness for Border Opening

Hear from speakers at the Health Department, Department of Premier and Cabinet and Department of Communities.

Health Worker (Restrictions on Access) Directions

There is a possibility that the Directions will apply to your entire workforce, staff who are in the same building or location as staff who perform these tasks.

COVID-19 Vaccines — Information session for frontline community services

The Department of Health, WACOSS and Shelter WA are inviting frontline community services employees to attend an online information session.

Lodging House Review

The Department of Health sought to gain a better understanding of the potential impacts on and opinions of industry, local government, other government agencies and members of the public associated with the management of public health risks in lodging houses.

Aged Care Services

The Commonwealth Department of Health has invited Shelter WA to participate in a review of aged care services for older people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Housing Consultation Summary

The Department of Health has reviewed the State health legislation related to housing.

FaCS Bulletin

This FaCS Bulletin from the Department of Finance has information about the 2020-21 indexation rate for community services.