FAQs for ordering RATs and PPE/C as flu season approaches

Frequently asked question (FAQs) for Ordering RATs and PPE/C as the flu season approaches.

This update comes from the COVID-19 Management – Incident Team (COMIT) at the Department of Communities.


Did you know you can use a simple online request form to replenish your organisation’s stock of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) and PPE/C (surgical masks, N95 masks and cloth masks) if you provide essential services?

As part of the state government’s commitment to support Community Service Organisations (CSOs) during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Communities will supply your organisation with RATs for employees who provide any of the following services and may become asymptomatic close contacts (showing no symptoms):

  • supported accommodation
  • family and domestic violence
  • homelessness
  • child protection
  • critical complex outreach and in-home support.

Communities will also supply PPE/C (surgical masks and cloth masks) to any funded CSO, whether the above services are provided or not.

If you are eligible, we encourage you to consider using the online form to request both RATs and PPE/C for your staff to use as we enter the cold and flu season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which organisations are eligible for RATs?
Western Australian CSOs that are funded by the Department of Communities who are also a not-for-profit charity, non-government organisation, society or other body.

Your organisation must also provide one of the following services: supported accommodation, family and domestic violence, homelessness, child protection or critical complex outreach and in-home support.

Where do I find the online request form?
Visit: Department of Communities – COVID-19 PPE/C and RAT Request Form.

Why can’t I request RATs for all my staff?
Currently, the Department of Communities is only supplying RATs for your staff who perform the essential services listed above. You can use the online form’s calculator to ensure you order enough RATs for your workforce.

If you have staff providing services other than those listed, you can still order surgical and cloth masks via the online request form.

Why can’t we request stock for our clients?
Department of Communities is only supplying RATs and PPE/C for staff who provide essential services. If you are unable to access stock for your clients via other means, we may provide it on a case-by-case basis – please get in touch.

I’m within 45 minutes of a hub. Why can’t I have my order delivered?
Department of Communities has established 16 hubs in both metropolitan and regional areas. Collecting your order from a hub that is located within 45 minutes of you is the most time and cost-effective way for you to receive your order. We will arrange couriers to deliver orders to organisations that are not located within 45 minutes of a hub.

My organisation’s primary funding comes from another source, are we still eligible?
Unfortunately not. Organisations that receive their primary funding from another government source will not be eligible to order RATs through this process. If you’re not sure if your organisation is eligible but still have a need for RATs, please contact us.

We thank you for working with us to help keep the most vulnerable members of our community protected from the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

If you have any questions, please contact: COMIT-Supply@communities.wa.gov.au. Please continue to stay up to date with the latest government advice via WA.gov.au and HealthyWA.

COVID-19 Management – Incident Team (COMIT) | Department of Communities