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Department of Communities’ Winter Reminder to request RATs and PPE/C

Don’t forget that you may be eligible for free stock.

FAQs for ordering RATs and PPE/C as flu season approaches

If you are eligible, we encourage you to consider using the online form to request both RATs and PPE/C for your staff to use as we enter the cold and flu season.

Community Sector Partnership Team – Updates

The Department of Communities (Communities) has launched an online request form to assist community sector organisations (CSOs) to replenish their supply of Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing (PPE/C) and Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs).

Community Sector Partnership Team – Updates

Presenters spoke on the provision of RATs and PPE to the sector, on provision for cleaning costs required as a result of COVID-19.

Communities’ Partnership Framework

The intent of the Community Partnerships Roundtable is to bring together Communities and the community services sector to identify and implement better ways of working together for the benefit of the Western Australian community.

Community Services Bulletin

The request for COVID-19 mandatory vaccination disclosure is included where service delivery involves occupations or workforces that are, or may become, subject to a mandatory vaccination order.

Community Services Sector Peaks COVID-19 Briefing

The Department of Communities (Communities) and the Mental Health Commission (MHC) are working together, along with the Department of Finance to ensure that you and your stakeholders are kept up-to-date and can access direct assistance in relation to the COVID 19 lockdown.

Community Services Bulletin

The WA Government is committed to ensuring critical services can be delivered in a safe and timely manner.

FaCS Bulletin

This FaCS Bulletin from the Department of Finance has information about the 2020-21 indexation rate for community services.

Update on PPE

PPE guidelines have been approved by the Chief Medical Officer and need to be ratified by the State Disaster Council prior to release.