Community Sector Partnership Team – Taskforce on Homelessness Update

Hello everyone,

As only a handful were able to attend last Thursday’s Taskforce meeting due to the scenario planning event organised by Department of Health, I’m pleased to share this update outlining the key issues and actions going forward. Also remember if you miss a meeting and want to catch up on the discussion in full, recordings of the meetings are saved in Teams.

  • Update from State Welfare Incident Control Centre (SWICC)
    Chief Incident Controller Jason Beeley joined the Taskforce to update on the work of SWICC, explaining it is now focussing on the welfare impacts of COVID-19 and planning for potential cluster outbreaks and trigger events such as the JobSeeker supplement and JobKeeper ending or lifting of border closures. The State Welfare Incident Control Centre is supporting people we’d never normally see such as ex-pats returning to WA and backpackers. Jason advised the Taskforce can assist with identifying sector capability and capacity, as well as any deficits.

Next Invitation: Head of Recovery, Paul Isaachsen to provide an update at a future Taskforce meeting. 

  • Scenario Planning
    It was agreed to proceed with three scenarios involving no outbreak, with SHICC anticipated to develop outbreak-related plans. This work will continue at the next Taskforce meeting, while I will be asking SHICC to incorporate rough sleepers into their planning.
  • Rough Sleeper Count
    Continuing discussions with The WA Local Government Association (WALGA), as well as engaging with Communities’ Michael Carroll, is getting us closer to determining the number of people currently sleeping rough across WA. The Taskforce recognised the need to expand the count beyond the metro area to include regional data.
  • Emergency Accommodation Capacity
    Information has been requested from the community housing sector regarding their capacity. This is expected to be completed within the coming fortnight and will inform this count.
  • Nous Reset
    The consultancy firm is finalising its report proposing future options for Communities to work in partnership with the Sector going forward. It hoped this report will be presented to the Director-General this week.

The next Taskforce meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, 28 May.

Thank you,

Tiffany Allen
Co-Chair, COVID-19 Taskforce: People at risk of, or experiencing homelessness.