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#HW2022 | Symposium

In addition to hearing the work of Dr O’Connell the Symposium explored the gaps and opportunities between housing, health and homelessness.

#HW2022 | Data Dashboard Launch & Workshop

The population of people experiencing homelessness in Western Australia is characterised by an over-representation of Aboriginal people.

#HW2022 | COVID and Homelessness

A key challenge is going to be to maintain and build on these improvements in the post-pandemic world.

#HW2022 | Lived Experience Walks

Criss-crossing roads with indifference to the rain Josh and the twenty-five odd people following him created a sight for traffic passing by, particularly with television cameras in tow.

#HW2022 | Official Launch

In his recorded speech the Hon. John Carey referenced the many government initiatives currently underway to end homelessness.

Department of Communities’ Winter Reminder to request RATs and PPE/C

Don’t forget that you may be eligible for free stock.

Disability & Housing Forum to address housing barriers for people with disability

Ensuring everybody has access to a home that meets their needs is one of the key themes of the forum.

Community Sector Partnership Team – Updates

This provides an overview of the Communities Leadership Team and outlines the key priorities of their respective business areas. It also provides relevant contacts across Communities.

Community Sector Partnership Team – Updates

Dr Andy Robertson took questions on how these changes might affect organisations and service provision in the sector.

Supporting communities forum homelessness working group communiqué

The working group will meet on a quarterly basis, in alignment with the Supporting Communities Forum schedule.

Aboriginal Short Stay Accommodation Program

A downloadable form to apply for the working group can be found at the link and contains some more information about their involvement.

FAQs for ordering RATs and PPE/C as flu season approaches

If you are eligible, we encourage you to consider using the online form to request both RATs and PPE/C for your staff to use as we enter the cold and flu season.

Moorditj Mia (Strong Home)

The service is being delivered consistently with Housing First, and finding housing is the highest priority element of the caseworker; however, housing remains scarce in the midst of WA’s rental crisis.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care

Modern services are part of the evolution of an organisation that has provided a safety and security net for children and young people for almost 120 years.

Community Sector Partnership Team – Updates

The Department of Communities have made the appointment of the Executive Directors for the Office of Disability and Office for the Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence.

Community Sector Partnership Team – Updates

Presenters spoke on the provision of RATs and PPE to the sector, on provision for cleaning costs required as a result of COVID-19.