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Community Sector Partnership Team – Updates

The Department of Communities (Communities) has launched an online request form to assist community sector organisations (CSOs) to replenish their supply of Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing (PPE/C) and Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs).

Centre for Social Impact Research into homelessness services funding

The next step of the research will be an analysis of the survey data and the collection of qualitative data through a number of focus groups and case studies.

Inquiry into the financial administration of homelessness services

The extension will allow us to incorporate findings of the research being undertaken by the Centre for Social Impact, UWA, on behalf of Shelter WA.

Collaboration for housing solutions in Margaret River

Concepts for four local projects were profiled at the forum, including densification of an existing social housing precinct.

Online Homelessness Services Portal

The portal concept was identified following discussions between the Department of Communities and community service organisations, with significant input provided by people with lived experience of homelessness.


It is clear across jurisdictions both terms may continue to be used interchangeably however Shelter WA has made the decide to align with the CHIA National position and adopt the term ‘CHO’.

COVID19 – Referral pathway guide

This pathway was developed in response to key issues raised by the sector.

Community Sector Partnership Team – Updates

Presenters spoke on the provision of RATs and PPE to the sector, on provision for cleaning costs required as a result of COVID-19.

Communities’ Partnership Framework

The intent of the Community Partnerships Roundtable is to bring together Communities and the community services sector to identify and implement better ways of working together for the benefit of the Western Australian community.

Commissioning Strategy – Update

The Department has indicated it intends to undertake the following work as the next steps in commissioning across homelessness services.

Supporting communities forum homelessness working group communiqué

The working group will meet on a quarterly basis, in alignment with the Supporting Communities Forum schedule.

Research into funding of homelessness services

The Centre for Social Impact UWA has been awarded this work and the project is being overseen by a small advisory group of services providers.

Community Services Bulletin

The request for COVID-19 mandatory vaccination disclosure is included where service delivery involves occupations or workforces that are, or may become, subject to a mandatory vaccination order.

Community Sector Partnership Team – Updates

Questions asked during the webinar are being collated and will be posted in FAQs in coming days at the same link.

Community Sector Partnership Team – Updates

This provides an overview of the Communities Leadership Team and outlines the key priorities of their respective business areas. It also provides relevant contacts across Communities.

Preparedness for Border Opening

Hear from speakers at the Health Department, Department of Premier and Cabinet and Department of Communities.