Community Sector Partnership Team – Updates

Hello everyone,

We’d like to inform you that our Interim Director Sector Partnerships, Penny Kennedy, will be on leave for the school holiday period (6-17 July inclusive). If you have any queries for the Community Sector Partnership Team, please email here or you can contact Leah Doherty here should you wish to get in touch.

Please see below some COVID-19 updates and resources that you might find useful. We encourage you to share with this information with your networks.

• State Recovery Plan

As you may recall from the last Community Sector Partnership Team update, Communities is the lead agency for the COVID-19 social recovery, as part of the State Recovery Plan.

In recent weeks, Communities has captured insights from ministerial roundtables, vulnerable cohort taskforces and pre-existing engagement mechanisms to draft a social recovery sub-plan to feed into the overall State recovery plan. This included work to:

  • identify already-funded and policy initiatives aligned to social recovery
  • analyse feedback from consultations on positive and negative social impacts
  • identify challenges, opportunities and ‘quick wins’ to address unmet needs
  • develop initiatives that will support recovery over the next six months, and
  • identify initiatives that will support recovery over the longer term.

This work will inform the development of the overall State Recovery Plan and Impact Statement.

• WA Phase 4 roadmap to recovery

The gathering restrictions were relaxed even further from 27 June 2020 as part of Phase 4 of the COVID-19 WA roadmap. Phase 5 is planned to be introduced on 18 July 2020.

Despite the easing of restrictions, Western Australians must remain vigilant of COVID-19 and continue to maintain physical distancing and healthy hygiene.

• Information for remote Aboriginal communities

The Department of Communities and Department of Premier and Cabinet have established a dedicated COVID-19 page for remote Aboriginal communities that contains general information and messages in language about COVID-19 and available support services.

• Culturally appropriate resources for Aboriginal communities

The Mental Health Commission has created a dedicated COVID-19 page on the Strong Spirit Strong Mind website that contains culturally appropriate information for Aboriginal communities on topics such as symptoms of Coronavirus, social distancing and good hygiene practices.

Posters can be downloaded for use by service providers, for display in physical locations or on websites, in newsletters or local newspapers. A request can also be made for hard copies of the posters by completing an order form.

• Physical distancing video

The NDIS has released a video which talks about the importance of physical distancing for people with disability as well as the part we all play in keeping each other safe.

Wearing PPE for disability support workers video

A ‘COVID-19 wearing personal protective equipment for disability support workers’ video (and transcript) is available on the Australian Government Department of Health website and social media channels.

• Return to school for students with disability

The Australian Government Department of Health has published a Return to School for Students with Disability COVID-19 Risk Management Plan, which is an optional resource for parents and carers.

• Nation-wide actions for access to public transport

The Australian Government Department of Health has shared a summary of state and territory arrangements for public transport (as at 3 June 2020).

• National disability information helpline report

The Australian Government Department of Health has also shared this report on the Disability Information Helpline (week ending 17 June 2020).