Sector Capacity Building

Shelter WA, with input from a sector advisory group, is exploring the capacity building and development needs of the sector. To realise our vision of everybody having a place to call home, we need organisations and individuals to have a range of opportunities to access information and knowledge to build their skills, expertise and experience.

Liz Lennon is working on this project which has a number of phases:


Map the present state of the sectors capacity building activities – what currently exists in terms of skills and knowledge capacity development.

Examples include accredited and unaccredited learning; peer sharing networks; information spaces [on and offline], mentoring and blended learning. Gather data on relevant competency/capability frameworks; registration frameworks and capacity development plans from WA and Australia.

Assess Sector Capacity

Assess future sector capacity development needs and opportunities – where do we want to be in terms of sector, workforce and organisation development in five years? A broader exploration of the housing sector, macro drivers and the future demands and opportunities are being explored. Where the sector sees itself in the future will have a direct impact on the nature and composition any sector capacity building activities.


Gather views of the current state of capacity building in the sector, and what needs to be developed and supported into the future. Research will also highlight good practice in sector capacity development that will inform future plans.


All the information gathered will be placed within a sector capacity building framework with recommendations for actions and resourcing. The report will highlight what role Shelter WA can play in supporting sector capacity development over the next five years.

Liz Lennon

Liz is currently interviewing a range of people within the sector to gather information and views. She will be writing a discussion paper highlighting the current state of sector capacity building activities and ideas presented from the interviews regarding future sector capacity development and opportunities for sector input and direction.

If you would like further information on this project or would like to contribute, please email Liz at