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Liz Lennon: Why this SBS documentary is compulsive viewing

What I emphasised over and over was that this was an issue that had systemic roots and wasn’t an older woman’s ‘fault’. The activity we do will shock some and it had many of the women participating in tears.

Older Women & Housing

The 2016 Census estimated that 6,866 older women were homeless and a further 5,820 older women were living in marginal housing and may be at risk of homelessness.

Sector Capacity Building

Shelter WA, with input from a sector advisory group, is exploring the capacity building and development needs of the sector.

Reimagining Home

This significant research project by Liz Lennon, from Focussed Solutions, a single older women with experience of poverty, housing stress and homelessness, brings to life a new future of housing options of housing options.

Introducing Liz Lennon

Liz has worked for over 30 years in WA and Ireland on social justice, community development, regional development, arts development, and housing and homelessness issues.