Tenants’ Union of NSW: LIVES TURNED UPSIDE DOWN NSW renters’experience of ‘no grounds’ evictions

The Tenants’ Union of NSW with Marrickville Legal Centre has released the findings of a new report exploring the impacts of no grounds evictions. This research adds pressure to the incoming NSW government to act on reform quickly in the next Parliament. The Tenants’ Union is calling on all aspiring government parties to attend Sydney […]

AIHW – National Social Housing Survey 2018

Short-term or emergency accommodation is a service provided for the homeless, and those at risk of homelessness. This report explores the circumstances, experiences and housing outcomes of clients in short-term or emergency accommodation who sought assistance from specialist homelessness services between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2015. View report here

Report on Government Services

The Report on Government Services is a vital tool in providing information to the community and holding all Australian governments accountable for the effectiveness and efficiency of government services. Learn more here

AHURI – Are greyfield suburbs the key to housing our growing population?

By 2050, Australia’s population is projected to reach more than 35 million, with over 70 per cent of this growth in the capital cities. One way of accommodating this growing population is by rebuilding and regenerating ‘greyfield’ suburbs. These middle suburbs of large Australian cities feature ‘under-utilised property assets such as privately owned and occupied […]

Unison Housing Research Lab: Who stays, who leaves and why?

Occupancy patterns at Unison Housing between 2014 and 2016. Social housing provides safe, secure, long-term accommodation for some of the most disadvantaged households in the community. Social housing organisations in Australia must deal with expectations to house people with complex needs, build more cohesive communities and, at the same time remain financially viable. Their work […]

UNSW Sydney – Strengthening economic cases for housing: the productivity gains from better housing outcomes

The Stage 1 research on Making Better Economic Cases for Housing Policies (Maclennan et al, 2018) examined how a range of outcomes in Sydney’s and Melbourne’s housing markets, including price, location and quality effects, may have a negative feedback effect on productivity and growth in their economies. It stressed that cases presented for new housing policies to address high needs and […]

AHURI – Research and industry experts discuss ‘Is social housing infrastructure?’

Speakers and delegates participated in a robust discussion in Melbourne Over 160 delegates heard from research and industry experts examining the question ‘Is social housing infrastructure?’ in the first edition of the newly initiated AHURI Discussion Series, held in Melbourne on Monday afternoon 11 February 2019. Learn more here

AIHW – Specialist homelessness services annual report 2017–18

The specialist homelessness services 2017–18 web report is the seventh annual report from the Specialist Homelessness Services Collection (SHSC). It describes the characteristics of clients of specialist homelessness services, the services requested, outcomes achieved, and unmet requests for services during 2017–18 View report here

AHURI – Where is the greatest need for social housing in Australia

While 384,700 households across Australia were housed in social housing in 2016 (4.4% of all households), an even greater number were in need of it—estimated to be around 433,000 households (5% of all households). Recent AHURI research developed a demographic model to assess the level and distribution of social housing need across Australia. The analysis took into […]

KPMG – Specialist Disability Accommodation Pricing and Payments Framework Review

The Review provided a number of key findings in relation to how the SDA Framework is supporting the development of the SDA market. Broadly, the SDA Framework is well placed to support SDA market development. However, this Review also identified implementation and operational matters which are impacting adversely on SDA market development. Learn more here

HIFG – Forecasting Dwelling Commencements in Western Australia 2018-19 Update

Housing Industry Forecasting Group: The 2018-19 Update reviews the Group’s forecasts published in November 2018. View report here

Procuring Social and Affordable Housing – Final Industry Report.

Procuring Social and Affordable Housing – Final Industry Report. Project 1.54, September 2018. Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre Housing is an integrated network of social and economic infrastructure with multiple owners and access points. Improving the overall suitability and provision of housing infrastructure (for example incorporating new typologies to suit changing demographics) is needed […]

PowerHousing Australia – Australian Affordable Housing Report

Affordable Housing Environmental Scan – 2019 Election Edition The Australian Affordable Housing Report 2019 provides an up-to-date insight into the myriad factors relating to housing supply and demand, and considers the impact of these elements on housing affordability, particularly for low income earners. This report takes into consideration that low income earners include social housing […]