Zero Project: A Housing First response to ending homelessness in Perth

This fourth and final, 50 Lives 50 Homes evaluation report provides an in-depth analysis of the housing, health and justice outcomes of individuals who were supported through the program, and reflects on some of the broader highlights and key learnings from 50 Lives over the past six years.


This report marks the conclusion of the 50 Lives evaluation; a six-year, longitudinal, Housing First evaluation, the duration of which is unique, both nationally and internationally. Over the years, many achievements, challenges and learnings have been identified, and whilst the program has already transitioned into the Zero Project, and contributed to the wider embedding of Housing First into the WA homelessness response, many of its learnings remain highly salient.

The report describes a final set of recommendations that relate to identified challenges and issues of 50 Lives that, in the view of these authors, need to be urgently addressed if Housing First and other efforts to end rough sleeping in WA are to succeed.

Selected Outcomes

  • Overall 67 per cent of people supported through 50 Lives were permanently housed with a retention of 82 per cent after one year.
  • 40 per cent of people in 50 Lives were Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and took nearly twice as long to house.

Previous Reports

First evaluation report, second evaluation report and the third evaluation report.


Lisa Wood, Shannen Vallesi, Matthew Tuson, Donna Quinn and Jake Turvey.


Read the 50 Lives 50 Homes: A Housing First Response to Ending Homelessness. Final Evaluation Report here.

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