Vaccination Strategy

In partnership with the State Health Incident Coordination Centre (SHICC) and the State Welfare Incident Coordination Centre (SWICC) and sector members a small team has been meeting to develop a Vaccination Strategy for People who Experience Homelessness.

Shelter WA sees this as a positive collaboration to increase vaccination rates within this population. The strategy builds on the good work undertaken by the sector and government to accelerate vaccinations rates.

Clinic Request Form

A COVID-19 Events and Clinic Request Form has been developed for use by health service providers and other organisations to propose or provide information about a new clinic or event. This form can be shared externally and should be used for requests for support or assistance with the organisation of a COVID-19 vaccination pop-up clinic or information event. Externally organised COVID-19 information or vaccination events can also be promoted via this weekly report.

View the latest COVID-19 vaccination events notified to the WA COVID-19 Vaccination Program here.

Bringing Information Together

A planning tool which has multiple tabs for respective organisations to input into as relevant has been developed by the SHICC.

SHICC will collate information received which they can use as a basis to inform future discussions in addition to planning and resource allocation within the COVID-19 Vaccination Program for rough sleepers. By collating the recommendations and ideas from the sector in one source document, they can appropriately plan within the program for activities which we can support, especially as the health system progresses through the current outbreak.

Tab number four contains information on planned activities moving forward. If organisations have records of previous activity and vaccinations delivered, SHICC would really like to collect this.

Accommodation for Women

Options for post vaccination accommodation options are being progressed. RUAH has started a one-month Post COVID vaccination for women at the Safe Night Space. All referrals must be from a health professional and accepted prior to client entry. If services wish to be a referral agency, they can email Fiona Black here.

Vaccination Information

SHICC have developed a stakeholder toolkit that includes a range of posters, social media tiles, e-newsletter content etc for you to download and use as appropriate. We also have a range of fact sheets translated into a number of different languages that you may wish to print and use. On the Roll Up For WA website, they have developed a questions page which has a range of videos to view and share. You can also share the Vimeo showcase that includes a folder with the local experts and another with Dr Karl translated.

COVID-19 Dedicated Website

For the very latest COVID-19 Information and links for the social and affordable housing and homelessness sector in Western Australia visit our Shelter WA Coronavirus page here.