Building Tenancy Skills Co-Design Team

The Noongar Mia Mia tenancy support team, Kenny Latham and Rachel Yarran, caught up with Donna Turner who is managing the Building Tenancy Skills Project at Shelter WA.

Boola Moort – Cultural Tenancy Support

Kenny and Rachel explained that cultural safety is built into Noongar Mia Mia’s tenancy support program, Boola Moort.

Kenny and Rachel explained that they take time with each family to understand their connections to other families and to places. Knowing this history means they can take a trauma informed approach and better understand the support needs of each family. They can provide advocacy for tenants about matters beyond the tenancy, and put them in touch with specialist organisations where this is wanted by the family. They can also introduce tenants to other service providers they are interested in, like financial counsellors and in-home care providers.

Sustaining Tenancies

This ability to successfully introduce people to other services was highlighted in the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute’s (AHURI) recent publication on what works to sustain tenancies for Aboriginal families.

The plan is that tenants feel culturally safe in their homes and are able to contribute to the wellbeing of their communities by, for example, having other family members to stay when needed. Elders were involved in developing information to help tenants understand their rights and their obligations under the Residential Tenancy Agreement. Products were produced to share information with tenants including My House – My Rules. The Boola Moort team have kindly offered to give a presentation at the next meeting of the Building Tenancy Skills Project.

The Project

Shelter WA and People with Disabilities WA Inc. are pleased to be managing the Building Tenancy Skills Project funded by the Department of Social Services. For further information about the Building Tenancy Skills Project visit this project page.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. 

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