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Urban Indigenous homelessness: much more than housing

According to the research, two interrelated factors underpin experiences of chronic Indigenous homelessness.

Ending Homelessness in Western Australia 2022 Report

The data showed a significant over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Western Australian homeless population.

How many in a crowd? Assessing overcrowding measures in Australian housing

Very few Australians live in housing that could be considered overcrowded. The norm is for households to have spare bedrooms.

Building Tenancy Skills Co-Design Team

Knowing this history means they can take a trauma informed approach and better understand the support needs of each family.

Alternative housing models for precariously housed older Australians

This research project focused on alternative models with the potential to meet the needs of older Australians.

Australia’s COVID-19 pandemic housing policy responses

It considered literature and policy from Australia and a small number of international comparator policies; conducted online surveys of landlords and of economists; and consulted key stake holders.

‘What works’ to sustain Indigenous tenancies in Australia

Only around a third of Indigenous Australians own their own home, compared to two-thirds of non-Indigenous people.

Precarious housing and wellbeing: a multi-dimensional investigation

Singles, households with no children, low-income households, private renters and residents of major cities have lower wellbeing when precariously housed compared to when they are not precariously housed.

Database of Australian renters

Funded by the Australian Research Council and Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, the project reflects the fact renting has moved from being a transitional proposition to something more permanent.

Ageing well in public housing

Australia’s ageing housing stock offers a multitude of benefits that will supercharge the emissions reduction.

NHFIC Statutory Review

Recommendations include that consideration be given to increasing the maximum size of individual grants available under the Capacity Building Program to $75,000.

Towards an Australian social housing best practice asset management framework

The research finds that social housing asset management is in need of reform.

Exiting prison with complex support needs: the role of housing assistance

Post-release housing assistance is a potentially powerful lever in arresting the imprisonment–homelessness cycle.

Leaving rehab: enhancing transitions into stable housing

This research presents policy and practice recommendations to enhance the coordination of housing, health and social care supports for individuals leaving residential treatment for mental health or substance use problems.

Evaluation and learning in public housing urban renewal

The report undertaken by researchers from Swinburne University of Technology, University of New South Wales and Monash University analyses how evaluation of public housing renewal is informing policy development and delivery to maximise financial returns and socio-economic outcomes.

Housing Key Workers

The report finds that key workers are more likely than the labour force generally to reside in outer suburbs and satellite cities and to commute more than 30kms to work.