Shelter WA AGM 2020

Shelter WA’s Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday, 29 October at Claisebrook Lotteries House. At the meeting Kieran Wong, the co-founder and Principal at TheFulcrum.Agency joined the Shelter WA Board.

Shelter WA Board

Mr Wong joins the following board members who are continuing their terms,

  • Eugenie Stockmann – Chief Executive Officer – Co-Operation Housing
  • Elizabeth Lee – Company Secretary – Questus Ltd
  • Kate Ihanimo – Executive Manager – Centrecare
  • Tara Le Flohic – Lived Experience Advocate
  • Gordon Cole – Chair – Noongar Mia Mia

Also the following board members who were re-elected for another term,

  • Natalie Sangalli – General Manager Community Housing – Access Housing
  • Julie Waylen – State Manager – National Disability Services (NDS)
  • Michael Piu – Chief Executive Officer – St Patrick’s Community Support Centre
  • Justine Colyer – Chief Executive Officer – Rise

L-R: Kate Ihanimo, Julie Waylen, Michael Piu, Justine Colyer, Natalie Sangalli, Eugenie Stockmann, Kieran Wong, Tara Le Flohic, Gordon Cole

Adrian Pisarski

The Executive Officer of National Shelter Adrian Pisarski was the special guest speaker this year. In his Zoom presentation he announced the formation of “a historic coalition of community organisations” who are coming together to push for an investment in social housing.

The coalition titled the National Affordable Housing Alliance involves National Shelter, Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA), with representation from private sector housing peak bodies, the Australian union movement and the biggest provider of superannuation and holder of superannuation funds in Australia, Industry Super Australia.

Mr Pisarski said it was also time for the states to “get on the front foot” and to take the message back to the commonwealth government to step up and match what the states are doing in terms of the funding of social housing. In prefacing his comments he pointed to the ongoing joint funding responsibility between the commonwealth and states for social housing. Referencing what the WA State Government had done with its social housing investment packages, and with a similar announcement expected in Victoria, and with what has already been announced in Tasmania, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory it was time for the states to ask for increased investment from the commonwealth.

Mr Pisarski noted how the states know what social housing costs as they principally fund it and so should push harder with their “relations with the commonwealth government”.

Kathleen Gregory AM

Kathleen Gregory the retiring Chair of Shelter WA in presenting the 2019-2020 Shelter WA Annual Report made a few remarks thanking the “very small team” at Shelter WA.

“They punch continually way above their weight,” remarked Ms Gregory. “During COVID … we have been a bit in awe of what the team managed to achieve, and how well they kept the sector involved and informed. It has really taken the organisation up a number of notches in terms of its relationship with government and its importance and relevance to the sector.”

Ms Gregory also thanked her fellow board members. “They are a dedicated bunch of people … the organisation is in fantastic hands with the team of people we’ve got,” she said.


Shelter WA received six valid nominations for the five vacant positions on the board that are required to be filled as per the Shelter WA constitution rules. Voting packs were distributed to members on Thursday, 8 October requiring that they be completed and returned by 2pm on Thursday, 22 October.

It has been the intention of an elected returning officer to count the ballot at the close of the poll but a formal withdrawal of one of the candidates meant an inevitable result of five nominees for the five vacant positions. A notice was sent to members on Tuesday, October 20 that an election was no longer required.

The Board will elect the new Chair of Shelter WA at the November Board meeting.

You can read the 2019/2020 Annual Report here.