Expanded advocacy platform

Two members from the Building Tenancy Skills Project have been appointed to the Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability.

Dr Siyat Abdi and Danielle Loizou-Lake both join the Council to provide the WA Government with authentic advice and perspectives on issues relating to disability in Western Australia. Each member of the Council either has lived experience of a disability or are a family member/friend supporting a person with a disability.


Dr Abdi, a member of the Project’s Co-Design Team, is also the senior systemic advocate at Kin Advocacy which provides disability advocacy for diverse communities.

Danielle Loizou-Lake is the Project’s Co-Design Facilitator and a health professional, consulting in the social services sector.

A picture of both Danielle Loizou-Lake and Dr Siyat Abd. They are both shown to be at work. Danielle is shown to be writing and listening and Siyat is shown using a computer.

Danielle Loizou-Lake and Dr Siyat Abdi

The Ministerial Council is led by Disability Services Minister Don Punch.

Disability and the Experience of Renting

Building Tenancy Skills Project Manager, Dr Donna Turner, congratulated both Siyat and Danielle on their appointments. “We are so lucky to have them both involved in the project as they bring an impressive combination of lived experience and technical knowledge,” she said.

The Project, delivered in partnership between Shelter WA and People with Disabilities WA (PWdWA) brings together tenants with disability and sector representatives to improve rental experiences for tenants who experience disability.

Shelter WA and People with Disabilities WA Inc. are pleased to be managing the Building Tenancy Skills Project funded by the Department of Social Services. For further information about the Building Tenancy Skills Project visit this project page.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

Visit www.dss.gov.au for more information.