Building Tenancy Skills Co-Design Team

In March and April 2022, the Building Tenancy Skills Co-Designers worked with Rosie from Circle Green Community Legal to update a set of factsheets so that they were easier to read and in plain English.

The factsheets covered a range of tenancy information including ‘starting a tenancy agreement’, ‘entry and privacy’, ‘home inspections’, ‘repairs and maintenance’ and ‘property condition reports’.

Pictured here is Ingrid, a member of the Co-Design Team, who is providing lived experience input and assisting with editing of the plain English versions of the Property Condition Fact Sheet.

Accessible Information

A group of Co-Designers also met with Cathy from the Financial Counsellors’ Association of Western Australia to explore how information could be shared with the community that focused on the support available from financial counsellors that was non-judgemental and accessible. Some ideas that came from the working group included developing a flyer and brochure. As well as a video including stories from people with lived experience of disability and financial counselling.

The aim of our work is to make the information available ‘less scary’. We want people to be able to find the support services that are available and not have to navigate their way through too much legal information and endless forms.

The Project

Shelter WA and People with Disabilities WA Inc. are pleased to be managing the Building Tenancy Skills Project funded by the Department of Social Services. For further information about the Building Tenancy Skills Project visit this project page.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. 

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