Don’t Close the Door – Save Homelessness Services!

Don’t close the door on homelessness services!

Shelter WA in partnership with our members, the National Shelter Network, Homelessness Australia and the Everybody’s Home Campaign are advocating for continuation of the Social and Community Services supplementary payments under the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement beyond the current expiry date of June 2021.

If this payment does not continue, there will be a loss of $8M per year to homelessness services across Western Australia.


The Australian Services Union (ASU) has developed a petition, calling on the Federal Government to reverse the cuts to homelessness services.

The loss of the supplementary payment will lead to significant reductions in services for people experiencing homelessness. COVID-19 put enormous strain on services and has removed a potentially dangerous cohort from infection and potential spread. This is not the time to reduce funding. Don’t close the door on homelessness services.

Sign the petition here.